ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Prints are $20.00 a sheet AKA (1-8x10, 2-5x7, 4-4x6, 8-wallets) and $30 for 11x14. You can also choose all photos you want digitally for $40 however,  your face has to be in the image to be eligible to receive digital copy. Also digital copy will be a much higher resolution and will be emailed directly to you with copyright release. Payments and ordering can be placed over the phone (937) 974-4197 or email order to stylinphotos@gmail.com

  When you click on a photo it will contain a image number, I need the image number you want, the size you need and how many. I will need a mailing address if you choose to print and a phone number to best reach you at. Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy the photos!                  Seth Benton Stylin Photos

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